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KANSAS LABORATORIES PVT. LTD. offers laboratory services 24 hours a day to patients of all ages. The laboratory functions along with the medical staff, nursing services, surgical services and other ancillary departments to provide quality, effective clinical services throughout the hospital. Our clinical laboratory is one of a select group that has been evaluated and found to be in accordance with the accreditation standards designed to help ensure quality patient care.



Kansas  has  a  very  effective  marketing  network  which  consists  of  Managers,  Medical

Representatives,  Distributors,  Stockiests,  Retailers,  Liason  agents  for  supply  to  consumers through  Government Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Private Hospitals, PSU’s and NGO’s.  Also, Kansas  gets  many  products  from  Tablets,  Capsules,  Injectables,  Liquids  and  Dry  Syrups outsourced  from  third  party  manufacturers  on  p-to-p  basis.  These  products  along  with  self manufactured products have a very wide acceptance in all markets.